Loctite Red High Strength Thread Locker

  • This high strength thread locker is better suited for heavy-duty applications where resistance to heavy shock, vibration and stress levels required
  • Localized heating and hand tools are required to separate parts
  • Typical applications include assembly with air tools, cylinder black bolts, ring gear bolts and transmission shaft bolts
  • Great flexibility for tough applications


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In stock

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Loctite Red Threadlocker Sticks

Locktite red high-strength threadlocker sticks offer the same locking strength and sealing capabilities as Loctite Threadlocker 271 traditional threadlocking liquid. These wax-like sticks are conveniently packaged in self-feeding stick applicators. Well suited for difficult repairs, as in overhead applications, they can be applied to a part even if assembly is to take place at a later time, making the sticks ideal for volume assembly. Threadlocker sticks are removable with heat and hand tools.



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