General Purpose Silicone Lube

A high quality multi-purpose silicone lubricant that forms a clear, thin, water repellent, dry lubricating film and provides significant resistance to temperature extremes.

Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 10.5 oz.


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In stock

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Shipping Weight 1 lbs


This silicone lubricant leaves a clear residual dry film that helps to prevent sticking without transferring to the surface. Slower dry allows full penetration into rubber surfaces.

Once applied allows use in extreme temperatures -50F to -450F (-46C to -232C)
5% silicone
Insulates, stops squeaks and sticking, prevents freezing
Brings life back to old rubber and weather-stripping
Will not harm most plastics
Repels water; waterproofs ignition systems

Applications: metal hinges, plastic rollers, rubber mountings, O-rings, electrical insulation, slides, guides, conveyors, doors, locks, and any sliding surface. Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.


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