Electronic Component Cleaner

No-flash, fast penetrating, high-pressure cleaner for electronic hardware and PCBs.

Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 14 oz.


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In stock

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Shipping Weight 1.25 lbs


This no-flash, fast penetrating, high-pressure cleaner is designed for precision cleaning on electronic hardware and printed circuit boards.

Effectively removes grease, oil, dirt, and other contaminants
No flash cleaner
Dielectric strength 26kV
Evaporates quickly without leaving a film or residue
Safe on most plastics, coatings, or paints
Low surface tension allows for easy penetration and eliminates the need for disassembly of component parts
Restores and maintains original electronic values and constants
Includes an extension tube for precision application

Applications: electrical contacts and terminals, semiconductor assemblies, precision instruments, PCBs, mechanical or electrical solenoids, telephone equipment, sensors, and televisions.

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