Die (Left Hand)


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DescriptionDia/Thread SizeSystem of MeasurementPrice Quantity
Die Left 1/2-131/2-13Imperial$39.00
Die Left 1/2-201/2-20Imperial$39.00
Die Left 1/4-201/4-20Imperial$23.40
Die Left 1/4-281/4-28Imperial$23.40
Die Left 3/4-103/4-10Imperial$72,324.00
Die Left 3/4-143/4-14Imperial$78.00
Die Left 3/4-163/4-16Imperial$54.00
Die Left 3/8-163/8-16Imperial$29.40
Die Left 3/8-243/8-24Imperial$29.40
Die Left 5/16-185/16-18Imperial$26.34
Die Left 5/16-245/16-24Imperial$26.34
Die Left 5/8-115/8-11Imperial$54.00
Die Left 5/8-185/8-18Imperial$54.00
Die Left 7/16-147/16-14Imperial$34.20
Die Left 7/16-207/16-20Imperial$34.20
Die Left 7/8-147/8-14Imperial$44.16
Die Left 7/8-97/8-9Imperial$54.00
Die Left 9/16-129/16-12Imperial$49,077.00
Die Left 9/16-189/16-18Imperial$49,077.00
Die Left 1-141-14Imperial$67.20
Die Left 1-81/8"Imperial$67.20
Die Left 1-1/2-61-1/2-6Imperial$202.80
Die Left 1-1/8-71-1/8-7Imperial$106.80

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Dia/Thread Size

1-1/2-6, 1-1/8-7, 1-14, 1/2-13, 1/2-20, 1/4-20, 1/4-28, 1/8", 3/4-10, 3/4-14, 3/4-16, 3/8-16, 3/8-24, 5/16-18, 5/16-24, 5/8-11, 5/8-18, 7/16-14, 7/16-20, 7/8-14, 7/8-9, 9/16-12, 9/16-18


High Speed Steel

System of Measurement



Die (Left Hand)


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