Clear Weld Epoxy 2Ton

  • Bonds ceramic, concrete, fabric, glass and meal
  • Waterproof
  • Automotive/Industrial


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In stock

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Application Material

Ceramic, Concrete, Glass, Metal

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Versachem Clear Weld Epoxy is a high strength, non-shrinking epoxy specially formulated for high clarity and good impact strength. Waterproof formula is perfect for bonding or repairing metal, wood, glass, ceramic, china, concrete, fiberglass and chrome, with a tensile strength of 2500 PSI. Only mix the amount of epoxy and hardener together that can be used within the handling time. You can mix colored chalk with epoxy to repair enamel and china that has been nicked and you can also add color pigment concentrate. This must be done after the resin and hardener are thoroughly mixed together. It is good to use removable tape on any area that you do not want epoxy to get on. Remove the tape before the epoxy cures. Temperature Range: -40 Degree Fahrenheit to 200 Degree Fahrenheit.


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