Anti-Seize Copper 1 lb

Lubricate and protect most metals from corrosion and seizure.

Container Size: 1 lb.
Net Weight: 1 lb.


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In stock

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Shipping Weight1.25 lbs


Designed to lubricate and protect most metals from corrosion and seizure.

Will not harden, separate, or evaporate
Protects parts under extreme heat, cold, pressure, steam, and saltwater exposure
Protects against corrosion, seizing, rust, galling, galvanic pitting, and carbon fusing
Contains the maximum blend of metallic boundary lubricants homogenized
into a specially designed semi-synthetic lubricating grease
Cannot be burned off and will not melt or run after application
Provides excellent lubricity and better make-up and breakout torque
Durable, long-lasting film
Does not contain clay or soap base thickeners
Eliminates parts wear and breakage
Meets MIL-PRF-907F
The brush top bottle has an angled applicator brush so the entire contents can be removed


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