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makitaTool Repair Shop

Our repair shop is an authorized service center for Makita and Milwaukee Electric Tools. In addition, we also repair other brands and equipment. We carry an extensive inventory on repair parts and accessories for many power tools.




millingMachine Shop

Our state-of-the-art machine shop facilities are able to create or modify existing parts, bolts and pretty much anything you can imagine. Every part is designed and created to your precise specifications with the materials that you select (steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, plastic and many more). Most parts have a quick turnaround times (less than one day).

designEngineering Assistance

Our engineering division is specially trained to offer you literature, design guidelines and technical information to find and implement solutions to your particular situation. We can also offer material certificates, MSDS or any technical literature upon request for any of our products. In addition, we can help you with the creation or interpretation of blueprints, CAD drawings and much more.

screwSpecialty Screws, Bolts and/or parts

In addition to our line of "conventional" bolts and screws, we can supply specialty screws/bolts or parts designed specially for you. We offer supply contracts where we stock your parts and deliver them to you in a pre-arranged schedule or we can visit your facilities regularly to keep certain inventory level.

supportProduct Selection Assistance

As leaders in our industry and our more than 35 years of experience guarantees you and your business that you can count on us to deliver great service and professional work. Our knowledgeable staff is trained to offer you assistance in the proper selection of hardware, tools or equipment for the job on hand.



streetFree delivery

We have a vehicle fleet of over 30 units distributed in our 11 stores around the island to deliver our products to you rapidly. We offer free delivery to anywhere in Puerto Rico and most products are delivered within 24 hours [or immediately in emergency situations]. We also have contacts with different carriers to deliver products to USVI, Dominican Republic and anywhere in the Caribbean.

seminarFree Seminars

We frequently offer free product seminars in our facilities covering various products or specific issues. We can also offer customized seminars in your facilities or as per customer requests on a wide variety of topics. Please contact your nearest store to obtain the latest information in our seminars.



emergency24/7 Emergency Response

For emergency situations, we offer 24 hours / 7 days-a-week service. Also, we normally operate extended hours in cases of national emergencies such as hurricanes. When you most need it... you can count on us!


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